How To Install A Kitchen Sink Mixer Tap

Aero Kitchen Tap
Turn the Water Off First!
The mixers are relatively simple to install although we do recommend you get a qualified person to do the installation.
2 Flexi pipes connect your hot and cold water into the bottom of the unit. Prefferably hand tighten the pipes, do not use tools that will damage the connection.
The unit is attached to a one-hole sink or counter using a threaded rod and nut.
A Rubber O-ring is placed on the top of and a rubber then a brass gasket is placed under the counter.
The type of connection required from the flexi hoses to the water supply depends on the size and type of pipework or couplings that are already in place in your kitchen.
You may need to connect using a brass male coupling (pictured here)

Brass Coupling To Connect Monobloc Tap Flexi Pipes
You will need couplings if there are no existing connectors on the pipes. You may also need to fit a reducer if the existing connectors are larger than required.  If you are lucky the existing connectors will be a perfect match.

Ensure Watertight Connections With PTFE Plumbers Thread Tape

Plumbers PTFE Thread Tape

Use PTFE tape on all connections to ensure a good watertight seal.
All these items can be bought from your local plumbers merchant.
Here is a diagram showing the layout for installing a basic kitchen mixer tap.

Kitchen Sink Tap Installation Diagram


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