Simple Summer Scents: DIY Bamboo Diffuser.

Make A Beautiful (Smell & Sight) Bamboo Scent Diffuser Yourself

By Dale Anne Scogings

Everybody likes a nice fragrance, no?

No? Well, in an ideal world everyone would be fans of fragrances. And the world would permanently smell vanilla-rosey-sea-breezey-citrusey. Not all at once though; that combination could produce a smell worse than an over-sized field filled with farm animals – assuming that the field was an animate object. Anyhow; enough about foul-smelling-ambiguously-animate objects, and more about room-freshening-inanimate objects.

Bamboo scent diffusers are a great way to freshen any room in your home. They work especially well in bathrooms and kitchens where, well, where things get a little smelly on occasion. Don’t pretend you don’t know which occasions I’m referring to. Odorous entities aren’t discriminatory beings, they pop up of their own accord and more often than not they pop up promptly before the arrival of guests. So how do you unpop these pop ups? You whip up a bamboo diffuser, that’s what you do.

All you need is a glass jar of sorts, some baby oil, a few droplets of an essential oil (rose, mint, lemon grass, vanilla), some bamboo sticks (chopsticks or BBQ skewers) and some pretties (ribbon, coloured string, stickers, paint, etc.).

Ensure that your jar is clean and dry before pouring in a mixture of baby oil and essential oil. The baby oil should be treated as a base so pour in a fair amount of it. Next, add a teaspoon or two of the essential oil. Then pop in about ten of the skewers into the mixture and let them soak for about half an hour. After half an hour turn them the opposite way around to allow for the dipped ends to protrude from the glass jar. Et voila, you have a bamboo diffuser – a bland bamboo diffuser, but a diffuser none the less. Now comes the fun part, time to decorate. Use your discretion with ribbons, paints etc.

Place it on your kitchen counter, bathroom window sill or your bedside table and let the aroma fill your space. Spread some scents this summer by making a few for your friends, family and colleagues too.


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