DIY: Beaded Suncatcher


By Dale Anne Scogings

No, this is not an article about making a technological gadget to capture the sun, the stars, the moon or an astronaut. Instead, this piece explains how to make a contraption (read: pretty ornament) to catch and reflect rays of sunlight. This Florence and the Machine-esque decoration (Spectrum, you know the song yes? Click the link if you don’t.) can be hung in the garden, on the patio, in a sunny spot in the bathroom or bedroom. Pick a spot where you’d like to see some sparkle and colour, that’s where to hang this creation.

You’ll need some nylon, beads, crystal beads, crimps, pliers, mirrors, bells, mosaic tiles and anything else that you could thread/stick onto your suncatcher. I didn’t use little square mirrors or mosaic tiles because they didn’t quite fit the style of my suncatcher. To add them onto your suncatcher all you need to do is glue two back to back, together onto your nylon thread. The rest of the items are simple enough to add to your suncatcher. There’s no exact recipe for these, so feel free to place your beads and bits in the order you like. The only two steps that must be followed are that something weighty needs to be placed at the one end while a loop needs to made on the other end (for hanging). In between the ends is where the fun happens. Thread and stick the various bits as you like. You can thread a full nylon thread full of beads and mirrors or you can leave spaces between clusters of beads (as I did). Place a crimp (a little metal bead) at the end of a section and clamp it down with a pair of pliers. Tying a knot works too but crimps are advised as they look slightly neater than knots do. But, e-knot about that. Suncatchers, like bamboo diffusers, make for great gifts as well as decorations for the home.

Channel your inner magpie and get your creative-shine on by capturing some rays with one of these homely charms.



One thought on “DIY: Beaded Suncatcher

  1. Pretty Sparkling Tree With Beaded Suncatchers
    One sunny Sunday in September 2 kids and their mom got creative making beaded suncatchers.
    Just look how pretty the tree looks with a permanent sparkle, now it can hold its own next to the colourful flower bed.
    Making these is a fun way to excercise fine motor skills, ideal for the young and old and anyone in between.
    Fun making a beaded suncatcher
    Fine motor skills excercise for young and old alike - Art Of Diy Suncatcher
    See, its fun to make stuff yourself - Beaded Suncatchers

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