DIY: Picture Frame Tray

By Dale Anne Scogings

Have an old picture frame and some spray paint or universal undercoat? In need of a décor piece for a side table? A décor piece on which to place a vase of flowers and a tea cup perhaps? Could you be looking for a Picture-Frame-Tray by any chance? Yes? Well, fancy that, dear décor-tray-seeker. Seek no more, you shall.

To make your own décor-picture-frame-tray (yes, the name is of my own invention) you will need a medium to large sized picture frame, some strong glue (craft glue for décor purposes or silicone for waterproofing) and whatever paper/fabric/glitter/mirrors/whatever-tickles-your-fancy-to-look-at-through-the-glass-top to add to the frames original backing (I usually throw away the original artwork, in case you were wondering) I just painted the back white and placed it behind the glass. The neutral look is what I was going for, see. But decor-picture-frame-tray making has no end of colour and texture combination options – I’ll have you know. Mix up a bright frame with a glitter background. Or a neutral frame and a patterned background. Collage backgrounds work well too.


P.S. When picking a frame, try pick one with a textured frame. They usually make for more eye catching décor-specimens.


3 thoughts on “DIY: Picture Frame Tray

  1. 2 bored kids + summer holidays + old picture frames + jars + paint + glitter + glue + other bits from the art box = stunning gifts for Oumie and Aunty C.
    I got my kids to make these picture frame trays with small glass jar vases and what a result! Fun and simple to make, no need to buy anything in so its cheap and they turned out beautifully. Best of all they are get well gifts for family members and everyone knows that you cant get a better gift than a homemade one… Tears-Of-Joy!
    DIY picture frame tray with flower vase
    Make gifts the arty way - Do It Yourself tray and vase

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