DIY: Fabric Chandelier

Got a spare hoola hoop and some fabric lying around, asking to be used for reasons other than hip shaking and hip hiding? Yes? Yay! Time to make a fabric chandelier! Why? Because they make for lovely party decorations, bedroom decorations and garden features.

Gather up your bits and bobs; bits being fabric glue and bobs being a hoola hoop and any fabric and ribbon that you have lying around. Perhaps not any fabric; but fabric that isn’t being used, or that you need an excuse to cut up. Yes, that includes the hideous bedspread in the guest room that you’ve been meaning to get rid of since the in laws left. Match up your ribbons and fabric strips so that they tone into a colour scheme of sorts. Say warmer reds and oranges, cooler blues and greens or neutral beiges and creams.I chose maroon and shades of pinks for mine because I will be using mine for an event coloured by a similar palette.

First I cut the fabric up into strips of similar widths and lengths. You can be as precise as you see fit in this process – I went for a bit of variety as I’m a fan of texture and see the imprecision as adding an element of character. Personal taste, that. With fabric in hand, wrap the tip around the hoop and glue in place, in  any order you choose. Leave the material to dry and then add on a ribbon/piece of string/wire to the chandelier – for hanging purposes, yes? Yes. Yay!

IMG_3493 IMG_3494 IMG_3495 IMG_3499 IMG_3502 IMG_3506


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