DIY: Crystal Garden Chandelier

crystal chandelier

I don’t know about you, but every so often I have the urge to crystallize something. A hanging something that can be hung somewhere to spread colour spectra everywhere. So, when such an urge strikes, one has absolutely no other choice but to embrace the crystal calling.

Step 1: Venture out of your humble abode into the widest world. Continue on until you find yourself in a land of crystals where you should proceed to barter with the crystal kingdom king in order to attain a satisfactory quantity of sizable sparkly rocks. With these in hand, head on over to a forest and find some drift wood, twig shaped heart. twig shaped ball or any other natural device that allows for pretties to be hung from it.

Step 2: With the main magical ingredients in hand, you are almost ready to begin the spectra shaping process. Scratch around said humble abode to find some pieces of clear nylon and a little piece of wire.

Step 3: Do a happy dance! You now have everything needed to sprout light rainbows all over your garden. Yay! From here on out it’s pretty darned simple. Simply string your sizable crystals onto your natural device in any arrangement you like. Then wind that little piece of wire and loop it on top of the natural device so that it can be hung.

and then…. Hang it up in the sunlight!

Step 4: Repeat happy dance while enjoying your new garden feature.

If you want to add more sparkle to the feature, string fairy lights through the vine ball to create a light feature of sorts. The fairy lights reflect beautifully against the crystals and tend to induce more happy dancing.

crystal chandelier1


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