DIY: Fairylights

Clap if you believe in fairylights! Or cost effective beautiful décor for that matter. I’ve recently discovered that fairylights are a vital and utterly versatile element to own as part of one’s collection of vital-versatile-décor-elements. Fairylights can be used in a child’s bedroom to create a dim and comforting atmosphere, no monsters under the bed kinda feel. Those same fairylights can then be wound around some greenery in the evening for an out door cocktail party, or draped on a tree for the festive season, or wrapped in sheer material and laid along a table to create a table centre piece. Numerous strings can be hung together, in a room or on a veranda to create a curtain-like feel. They create the most spectacular atmosphere and cost next to nothing, well I’ll speak for mine in this case.

And if you’re bored with the plain white ones, they’re perfectly easy to spruce using household items. I spruced my set with layered cupcake holders that were also rather inexpensive. Simply slice a tiny slit in the middle of the colder and slide it on to the light. Layer them, cut them into various shapes, use various colours or textures, and when you’re satisfied with your set of spruced up lights, string them up or drape them. Ceilings, headboards, curtain rails and dressing tables make for lovely bedroom spots for them but they can just as easily be used in the bathroom or garden, as well as for entertainment décor purposes.

A little spring time sparkle for you, enjoy!

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