DIY: Macrame Flower Hanger

macrame collage

1. Cut 8 lengths of string just over a meter long each and knot together at the top.

2. Hang on a wall hook, divide into pairs, then tie knots between pairs as you go along down the strings.

3. Knot the strings in a criss-cross pattern. Tie a knot between each pair to create the first set of knots. Each knot in that set will produce two strands, one of which you will tie to the strand of another pair. Repeat this step until your macrame hanger has reached your desired length.

4. Place a recycled glass jar inside. At this stage I laid the whole thing on a table and continued knotting until I reached the length appropriate for the jar. Tie all the strings together at the bottom so as to allow for the jar to have a steady base.

5. Fill the jar with a little water and place your flowers in the jar.

This size also fits a metal tin. You can also try placing a candle at the bottom of the jar instead of flowers. Or, instead of using it for fresh flowers you could try placing a potted plant in the hanger. Add beads, shells or more knots to your hanger to add character to it. Macrame hangers can be hung outside, inside, on top (not really) or anywhere you can find a hanging spot of sorts. Get the kids involved, they’ll have a ball playing with twine and finding hanging spots for their flowers.



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