DIY: Crayon Art


Happen to have one or two blank boards at home? Yes? Awesome! And some white paint? Great! Or maybe you have canvases that are already white and ready to be rainbowed up? That’d be even better! Basically we’re looking for a blank surface that’ll show colour beautifully – like a wooden board that’s been give a coat of white house paint, or a blank canvas.

Yay! Let’s make rainbows! Grab about a bajillion (because that’s a real number) wax crayons, some glue and a hairdryer. Order your crayons as you’d like to see them melt. I kinda went for all the colours in the box and arranged them according to the rainbow – because rainbow is my favourite colour, see. You, however, can pick only the colours you like and arrange them as you see fit. I’d suggest keeping similar hues together, ’cause melting similar hues seems to create a better blend of colour than, say, melting right pink and black. But that’s just my taste.

Anyhow, with your white surface and crayons ordered – time to get sticking. Use craft glue to keep the crayons in place on the canvas. Allow them a little time to dry before going at it with the heat. We don’t want melted crayons slipping all over the show now.

Eeek! Hairdrying time! This can get a tad messy, but is by far the funnest part. Stand your board up (crayons glued to the top) and simply hairdry the crayons. Angle the hairdryer at about 45 degrees to the ground and watch the wax melt and splatter. Start at one end and work your way to the other – spending a minute or two at each point along the way. A strong hairdryer is best because the intense heat and power allow for the crayon to melt quickly and splat quickly. And little hairdryers just kinda create a dribble and well – don’t produce such a splattery style.

Et voila! We have rainbow art! Get the leprechauns, I mean kids, involved. Or anyone with an appreciation for craft and colour. This is a great, easy and inexpensive way to create art works for a bedroom, art room or dull spot in the home.





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