DIY Embellished Chair

You’d think that colourful chairs like this one would only exist somewhere over the rainbow – yeah, they’re just that awesome to sit in. And to look at, for that matter. Remember the rocking chair I whitewashed a while back? Yeah, that old thing. It started out as a boring old pine rocker, okay maybe I’m exaggerating a little but you know what I mean. And then I gave it a facelift, et voila we have a wonderful white chair. But it needed an extra somethin’ somethin’. An whenever something needs an extra somethin’ somethin’ I always seem to gravitate to rainbows. Personal taste that. They’re just so damn happy. Anyhow, sidenote that. So you wanna know how to give a chair an extra bit of pop? Grab a stack of ribbons and knot them onto the top rail. Space them between the spindles to create a flowy style. And don’t just hang one or two. Drape excessively or evenly, not minimally (if that’s even a thing). And pick ribbons according to a colour scheme of sorts. Colour schemes are incredibly useful when decorating or creating. Click here for a little colour inspo. This little ribbon trick works well as a temporary decor idea for entertaining. Have a long table and many a chair in need of some party colours and pizaaz? Here’s your answer.

Happy colour rocking.

colourful chair


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