Make Your Very Own Step Ladder Shelving Bookcase

DIY Ladder Book Shelf

Instead of buying a flimsy, boring, regular bookcase why not make your own interesting, sturdy, fun one…. using a step ladder.
What you will need:What You Will Need To Make A Ladder BookCase

  •  Wooden step ladder, I used a new 3 step one but you can use one that has seen a bit of diy action, gives it character
  • Random left over pieces of wood lying about the shed
  • Tape measure
  • Pen
  • Wood screws
  • Wood glue
  • Jig saw
  • Sander

Open the ladder fully and measure the size for a shelf to fit snugly under the first rung and lowest rear support. These 2 should be the same height so you will get a level shelf. If they are not the same height don’t worry, you can always use cabinet shelf supports, these are cheap and easy to work with.
Then measure the space to put a shelf on top of the middle step. On top so that the bottom book shelf is the biggest it can be for those large books.
Use the sander to tidy up your edging and maybe also to clean up the surface of the wood. You can even paint or varnish it if you want but I left mine as is.
Make another smaller shelf to put on the top step, you can put a lamp up there, or even a small bus.

A Ladder Bookcase Looks Great In A Boys Room
Cost: 20 for the ladder because I didn’t have a spare old one lying about
I used screws, glue and pieces of wood left over from previous diy projects so I didn’t have to buy anything else
Time taken: 3 hours


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