DIY Fabric Wreath

It’s holiday time. Carols are ringing, fruit mince is simmering, eyes are glimmering and your wreath needs reviving. Got a few scraps of fabric lying around? A pair of scissors and a wire clothes hanger? Yes? Marvellous!

Let’s make a magical Christmas wreath!

I happened to not have very nice scraps of material lying around, so I purchased myself a few 20cm strips of gold and red fabric from the local fabric shop. Try stick to a holiday appropriate colour scheme – red/pink for Valentines day, brights for Easter, red/blue/white for the Fourth of July, black/orange for Halloween, etc. Also,play around with textured fabrics for a more interesting wreath. I chose a sparkly fabric, a matte fabric, velvet and so on, for mine.

With your strips of fabric at the ready, cut each into smaller strips about 3cm wide and 15-20cm long. Bend your clothes hanger into a circular shape and proceed to tie each strip onto the hanger. Knot the material in the centre and continue until your clothes hanger is no longer visible. Tie the various materials randomly or in a particular order – I placed mine randomly around the wire frame.

Lastly – colour the hook of the hanger to match your wreath’s colour scheme. I used a gold marker to do mine, but paint should work just fine as well.

There you have it! Happy holidays all!



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