DIY Typographic Pillow

I’ve recently taken to looking at all white surfaces around me as being prospective canvasses. Yes. Everything. White t-shirts, trainers, plates, mugs, candles – you name it. I wanna decorate it. Beginning with this little white scatter cushion I happened upon whilst rummaging through my local linen cupboard.

For this project you’ll need a blank scatter cushion, a permanent laundry marker, some stencils, a pencil and a quote. I chose to use a line from one of my favourite poems – Desiderata. It’s super simple really, plot out the words using your pencil and your stencil. Yeah my poetry rocks. And then! Simply colour the words in with your laundry marker and there you have it! A typographic pillow for your bed, couch or chair. I chose to keep it simple by creating a black and white aesthetic but don’t be afraid to add some colour and additional free-hand designs around the words if you feel they’re too plain.

Yay for comfy crafting!





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