Getting Crafty – Making your own recycled mosaic mirror

This project is a great way to make use of any unwanted ceramic tiles after refurbishing your kitchen or bathroom. This project is for beginners and could be a great activity for the kids (with parental supervision of course). Recycling those unwanted pieces of ceramic tile to create a mirror is a great, eco-friendly way to decorate the house and also makes a great gift.

You will need the following items (always check to see if you have any of these things around the house before you go out and buy them).


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-A Mirror
Buy a new mirror (if you have to) or use an old one that needs a bit of sprucing up.
Make sure when you choose the size of your mirror you are also taking into consideration the size of the mosaic border you want to create around the centre of the mirror.

Gloves, face-mask, safety goggles (And any other protective equipment you need to style yourself DIY-ready)

-A Strong Adhesive (Sticky stuff)

Some form of ceramic tile adhesive would be best but check with your hardware-person if you are unsure.

Tile cutting tools, Pliers or Nippers
Again, check with your hardware person if you are unsure as to what will work best. It is also wise to make sure that those handling the tools do so with the proper care and supervision.
Grout (The stuff that goes in-between the tiles)
This can be your usual tile grout. Try to get it in white but grey will also do fine.
– Palette Knife
The palette knife can be used to apply the grout.
– A Sponge/ Cloth
To wipe down the tiles after you have applied the grout.

Paper, pens/pencils and a ruler/tapemeasure
And last but not least-
Old ceramic tiles, bits of wood, stone, glass and whatever else you would like to add to your mosaic.
Side note: Everyone is free to use their creative license and go carte blanche with this project. If however you feel like you need some help why not get onto google and look up some mosaic patterns and colour schemes? There is no harm is seeking inspiration.

Now that you have all your tools and equipment here is what you do-

1. Blueprints

– Draw/sketch your mosaic mirror design onto your piece of paper. Try to use the correct measurements and make sure your mosaic border does not take over the whole surface of the mirror.

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2. Prepare your mirror

– Make sure the mirror is clean and dry. Consider protecting the mirror with painter’s tape and wax paper (a great suggestion by

-Using a ruler or tape measure plan where you want your border to go. Use a non-residue tape (like scotch/magic tape) to make the boundary extra clear.

-Grab your sandpaper (gloves are option but do add badass-DIY cred)

– Now “scuff” the mirror using the sandpaper. Be careful to only scuff the area marked off as the border. Do not scuff the glass that will later be used as the mirror. Do not sandpaper all the way through to the base of the mirror.
– Dust off using cloth

3. Start mosaic-ing

– Cut the tiles/ ceramic pieces and whatever you have decided to use into the desired size and shape (This can be done prior). Please be extra cautious when using tile cutters and other sharp objects. Gloves and Goggles aren’t a bad idea at this point.

Here is a helpful tip from Creative Bug, “Break ceramics for use as mosaic tiles by placing them in a plastic bag, wrapping the bag in a towel and striking it with a hammer.”

– Arrange them into the shape/design that you want. Here is when you refer back to your blueprint.

– Using your tile adhesive (it’s a good idea to follow the instructions on the back of the bottle as to the drying time of the glue) stick the mosaic pieces to the mirror in the demarcated area. Put the adhesive onto the area in which you wish to stick the tiles
– Give the adhesive an adequate amount of drying time.

4. Grouting

– Mix the grout as per the instructions on the packaging

– Apply the grout to the gaps between the tiles. Using the palette knife (if you are using your fingers you should be wearing your gloves)

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– Once the grout has been applied wipe the tiles clean using your sponge/cloth. Please take careful note of grout drying time so as not to allow grout to dry on the tiles.
– Allow to dry

5. Make sure the mirror itself has not grout on its surface. Wipe down the mirror before leaving to dry

6. Allow 24 hours to dry

7. Dispose of everything correctly

8. Hang your mirror is a featured spot and enjoy


*If you are ever unsure about anything, seek help.


A bit of a book list

Great Reads

Great Minds

In the words of the great Stephen Fry

“Books are no more threatened by Kindle than stairs by elevators”

The end of the paperback has been predicted for many years. With the arrival of the Internet, Kindle and the “e-book” it was assured by all and sundry (with exception of Stephen Fry it seems) that books were on the way out. Whether this prediction is merely a prediction is still to be seen.

Books are inevitably a great buy. With their snazzy titles and smooth exterior there is very little stopping you from taking advantage of a paperback or coffee table book (especially since no one really knows how long they are still going to be around). They are a great addition to any home (I mean who in their right mind doesn’t want an overly-large and hugely pretentious bookshelf decorating the far wall). Books are a great feature piece in any room and also make you look super-well read and smart.

Since last month’s post focused on becoming a design ‘guru’ using mediums such as the Internet. We have decided that this month we are targeting the less techno-savvy individuals. And yes, that means books.

We have done some research and picked our favourite interior design books. With a little help from some very informative sources We have  put together a list of some of the best books to purchase for all your interior design and DIY needs.

1. Vogue Living: Houses Gardens People.

By Alfred A. Knopf

This books looks to be a crowd pleaser. What with an intimate exploration of the interiors and exteriors of 36 renowned individuals (We are talking about their houses of course). This book is a best buy  as far as we can see.

We were inspired by this read and found it at

2. Pale & Interesting

By Atlanta Bartlett.

Sourced from

Sourced from

This book can only be described as simplistically elegant. For those who love muted shades and paste colours this book is a must have. This book’s design philosophy is one that every aspiring design guru should keep in mind.
“Keep it Simple, Keep it Relaxed and Keep it Real.”

We found this inspirational book at which has a range of other great interior design books.

3. Dictionary of Architecture and Construction (Dictionary of Architecture & Construction)

By Cyril Harris

Because what is a booklist without a dictionary to help you touch up on those important definitions and that essential terminology. This book comes highly recommended by Designer Marketplace

We found this gem at

4. Design Rules: The Insider’s Guide to Becoming Your Own Decorator

By Elaine Griffin

Sourced from

Sourced from

We think this one is great. Why? Well largely because its taking us back to the basics. This book is combines a bit of a “how-to guide with some other useful tips to help you cater your design to your personality and personal style.

Check it out at

5. Vintage Remix: The Interiors of Kishani Perera

By Kishani Perera

How can one not fall in love with a book entitled “Vintage remix”? Even the cover of this book makes us want to buy it. Our source, describes Perera’s work “[as] part style guide, part eye candy.” And to that we say, yes please. We don’t want to give too much away. We would much rather you read it.–The-Interiors-of-Kishani-Perera-contemporary-books-

We have only listed five of our favourite books here. But there are hundreds upon hundreds of interesting reads to get your hands on.

So we suggest you take a trip to your local library or bookshop and get browsing. For those of you with a bit of know-how these books are all available from